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End-to-end clinical tracking
Streamline scheduling, student experience tracking, and clinical evaluations and data management.
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eMedley covers every step of clinical education from start to finish:

1. eduSched


eduSched is a customizable scheduling solution designed specifically for health sciences programs. Administrators have the ability to manage scheduling within a calendar format. Automated scheduling, path- or preference- scheduling, self-scheduling and more is available to suit specific needs. Easily track the number of slots for sites or preceptors that are available during a specific rotation and time period without any hassle.

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2. eCLAS

eCLAS streamlines the clinical logging process, and is built for specific, individual programs. Cloud-based and accessible anywhere, eCLAS puts case logging, time tracking, and reports in the hands of those who need them wherever and whenever.

3. eValuate+


eValuate+ is a complete evaluation system that can be used to evaluate all aspects of student clinicals. Align program standards to all questions on an evaluation to measure and evaluate student performance. Evaluations can be configured to be automatically sent out based on student clinical schedules.

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4. eKeeper 

eKeeper is a centralized documentation management solution used to track data and documentation. Including everything from student, preceptor, and faculty documentation to affiliation agreements with external sites, eKeeper is secure and reliable. eKeeper essentially works as a bottomless online file cabinet for all of the documents and files needed during the clinical phase. 

Featured Functionality
Student Site Preferences
Patient Tracking
Evaluation Rubrics
MSPE Letters
Student Site Preferences 1
Student Site Preferences
Within the eduSched interface, students can record their preferences for clinical sites and/or preceptors using an interactive map of available placement. This gives students the ability to pick a site and/or preceptor that aligns with their individual concerns or interests without presenting administrators with an even more complicated task.
patient tracking
Patient Tracking
With patient tracking, students can effectively track patient demographics, diagnoses, and procedures that they have treated throughout their clinical experience. Patient Tracking ensures that students receive the correct quantity and quality of hands-on experience to succeed after graduation.
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Evaluation Rubrics
Detailed and tied with standards, rubrics efficiently standardize what would otherwise be subjective judgments. eMedley gives administrators the ability to build and add rubrics to any type of evaluation with ease. Qualitative style feedback within the rubrics makes student success top priority.
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MSPE Letters
Quickly create a MSPE letter within the eKeeper interface. Automatically generate relevant graphs from integrations for data such as clerkship or coursework performance. The letter may be customized with noteworthy characteristics of the students. As eKeeper is integrated with the rest of the clinical suite, evaluation comments, clinical schedules, and grades may be pulled into the letter.
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