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Preceptor Management
Effortlessly Manage Preceptor Relationships
The clinical suite helps the business side of preceptor relationships be more easily managed and organized so that time and energy can be focused on improving the learning experience and outcomes.
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Preceptor Management
Finding preceptors to match students with can be a complicated task in and of itself. Managing these relationships, from keeping track of paperwork and licenses to tracking preceptor hours and issuing paychecks, is also hugely time-consuming. eMedley’s clinical applications help to streamline this process so that organized, effective preceptor management is simple.
Preceptor Application
Create public applications for preceptors that can be collected using eMedley without applicants having to log into the system. The application form is fully customizable based on your program’s requirements and desires for preceptors. The completed applications are stored in eKeeper for future reference with support for administrative notes and automatic creation of accounts on approval.
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preceptor pay
Preceptor Pay
Track preceptor hours automatically without an external system. Hours can then be viewed or exported for payroll purposes.
Clinical Site Shortages

In 2006, the AAMC recognized that the United States was facing a physician shortage. They recommended a 30% increase in medical enrollment from the numbers in 2002-3 by the 2015-16 school year. While this goal was not met on time, it has since been surpassed (Boyle, 2020). However, as medical school enrollment has grown, so have the challenges of placing students in clinical sites, meaning that fewer spots are readily available for more students. 

If schools cannot place their students into clinical rotations and residencies, this increase in enrollment will not be able to help the physician shortage; the clinical portion of medical education is crucial, and physicians cannot be sent into the workforce without it. Schools are aware of this issue; in 2020, 84% of schools were concerned about finding enough clinical rotation sites with 86% worried about finding qualified primary care preceptors (ibid). 

This disparity is due to a number of reasons… read more

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